The Reformation in China

For quite some time I’ve been interested in Christian mission work in China.  Therefore, an article in New Horizons (the OPC’s monthly periodical) caught my attention: “Prospects for the Reformed Faith in China.”  In this article, a Reformed missionary in China interviewed a Chinese Christian man who is studying for ordained ministry.  The article isn’t… Continue reading The Reformation in China

Contentious Calvinists

One unfortunate thing I’ve noticed over the past ten years (give or take) is that sometimes new Calvinists are not a great benefit and blessing to the church.  Sometimes people who have recently discovered the doctrines of grace make for poor churchmen and end up being a thorn in the side of a local church.… Continue reading Contentious Calvinists

Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice

  As the pastor of a church in an area where almost no one has been in a liturgical, confessional Reformed church, I get many questions about all sorts of things - from worship to eschatology to the sacraments.  In the past few years, visitors (some who have become members) have asked me about our liturgy, what the… Continue reading Historic Reformed Churches: Belief and Practice