The Historical Progress of Supernatural Revelation (Vos)

I've read the following paragraph by Geerhardus Vos so many times I've lost count. It's so rich and full of very helpful insight. You can find it in his Shorter Writings. The title of the chapter is "The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline." Vos gave this lecture as… Continue reading The Historical Progress of Supernatural Revelation (Vos)

The NT’s Presuppositions about the OT (Beale)

This is a detailed and meticulous manual on how to exegete and interpret NT texts that refer in some way to OT texts/themes/stories: Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by G. K. Beale. It's not the easiest or most exciting book out there, but it is full of very helpful information.… Continue reading The NT’s Presuppositions about the OT (Beale)

The All-Dominating Center of Scripture (Ridderbos)

 I've been enjoying Herman Ridderbos' Studies in Scripture and Its Authority.  It's a collection of six essays Ridderbos wrote on Scripture, including "The Christology of The Fourth Gospel" and "The Biblical Message of Reconciliation."  Here's a nice paragraph from "The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scripture": ...Scripture is not a book of separate divine oracles, but… Continue reading The All-Dominating Center of Scripture (Ridderbos)

A Main Characteristic of Supernatural Revelation (Vos)

 Geerhardus Vos' inaugural address as professor of biblical theology at Princeton in 1894 is one of the richest resources for gaining a Reformed understanding of redemptive history and biblical theology.  It's one of those essays that I've gone back to so many times since I read it around 15 years ago.  Here's one section that… Continue reading A Main Characteristic of Supernatural Revelation (Vos)

The Christian Religion and Facts (Machen)

 The Christian faith is not based on feelings and emotions, but facts and truth.  The Christian religion is historical in that its main doctrines and teachings are part of history.  The Christian faith is a historical faith.  Scripture is a what we call a record of redemptive history, things that God did in history to… Continue reading The Christian Religion and Facts (Machen)