Over-Interpretation and Redemptive History

In many ways, Peter Leithart’s commentary on 1 & 2 Kings is a helpful resource.  I’m glad I own it and will keep using it as I work through the Solomon narrative for a sermon series on which I’m working. However, I’ve run across a few “red flags” that have made me question Leithart’s interpretive… Continue reading Over-Interpretation and Redemptive History

Christ in the OT

This book, The Unfolding Mystery, is a great and easy to read survey of a few key OT stories, and how they point to Jesus.  The stories include Adam/Eve, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Samuel, David, Solomon, and Elijah, along with a few more. Here's a section of Clowney's discussion of Joshua. "The role of… Continue reading Christ in the OT