Faith, Reason, Evidences (Zacharias)

I always appreciate Ravi Zacharias' lectures and books. He always spoke and wrote with such love and concern for people and it was balanced well with presenting the truths of the Christian faith in an "apologetic" way (as in defending the faith). Here's a section I was reading today from his book, The Logic of… Continue reading Faith, Reason, Evidences (Zacharias)

The Logic of God (Ravi Zacharias)

 I've typically enjoyed Ravi Zacharias' work in the areas of apologetics and evangelism.  His new book, The Logic of God, is another helpful resource by Zacharias.  It's written almost like a devotional: there are 52 chapters which each have a theme Scripture text and some questions for further reflection.  Each chapter is quite stimulating and thought-provoking… Continue reading The Logic of God (Ravi Zacharias)

“I AM”

I appreciate the following words from Ravi Zacharias (emphasis his): “At the heart of every major religion is a leading exponent.  As the exposition is studied, something very significant emerges.  There comes a bifurcation, or a distinction, between the person and the teaching.  Mohammed, to the Koran.  Buddha, to the Noble Path.  Krishna, to his… Continue reading “I AM”