Richard Baxter: A Strange Theological Mix

Richard Baxter (d. 1691) was a pastor and prolific writer who, broadly speaking, was a Puritan.  However, unlike many other Puritans, he rejected some key aspects of Reformed theology.  Here’s how Beeke and Pederson summarize: “Baxter’s writings are a strange theological mix.  He was one of a few Puritans whose doctrines of God’s decrees, atonement,… Continue reading Richard Baxter: A Strange Theological Mix

A Dictionary of the Puritans

Since I've been reading some of the lesser known Puritans in the last two years, I've also been interested in a resource that gives a synopsis of the different Puritans (including their dates, ministry context, and major writings).  For various reasons, I don't typically like to do much online research, so when I came across… Continue reading A Dictionary of the Puritans