Why Preach/Teach Sin?

  In a pastoral way, I feel sorry for Christians who sit under preaching that doesn't clearly, consistently, and convictingly discuss sin (total depravity, radical corruption, etc.).  If you think about it from a human perspective, I can understand why one might avoid the topic of sin, for it is hard to hear that our anger, lust,… Continue reading Why Preach/Teach Sin?

Sin’s Sinful Sinfulness

This is a tough book.  Reading 284 pages of a Puritan's discussion about sin's hideousness is neither fun nor enjoyable.  It was hard to read.  There were even times in this book where Ralph Venning (the author) basically said "This is tough for me, and I simply cannot write any more on this area of… Continue reading Sin’s Sinful Sinfulness

Learning in Christ’s School

 I finally read Learning in Christ's School by Puritan Ralph Venning (d. 1674).  To be honest, it isn't my favorite Puritan Paperback.  It's not that I didn't like it, but for me it was quite tedious and seemingly repetative.   I did, however, appreciate Venning's use of Scripture to point out the different maturity levels of Christians.  Here's… Continue reading Learning in Christ’s School