Rome, the Radical Reformation, and Exegesis (Muller)

 Among other things, the Protestant Reformation was brought about by a return to Scripture and it's teachings.  Obviously, this is a huge discussion and it's even hard to know where to begin when discussing this topic.  What got me thinking of this today is a paragraph I read in Richard Muller's volume on "Holy Scripture"… Continue reading Rome, the Radical Reformation, and Exegesis (Muller)

Anabaptist Profiles Part II

 In August, I did a sort of "Anabaptist profile" on Conrad Grebel, who hated the early 16th century Papacy and the Reformers equally - both were antichrists to many anabaptists like Grebel.  This "profile" is a brief on Balthasar Hubmaier, living at the same time as Grebel, Munzter, John Denck, and so forth, in the early 16th century. … Continue reading Anabaptist Profiles Part II

The Anabaptists and Luther

What did the Anabaptists of the radical reformation generally think of Luther and the Reformers?  Not much.  In a letter from Conrad Grebel to Thomas Muntzer (from 1524), Grebel wrote that between the Romanists and the Reformers (which he called "the pope and antipapal preachers"), "there is grosser and more pernicious error now than ever… Continue reading The Anabaptists and Luther