“Predestination…From All Eternity” (Sproul)

The words predestined, elect, and election are all biblical words. Jesus talked about God's elect people in Matthew 24:22-24. Paul mentions predestination, the elect, and election in various places, including Romans 8:30, 33; 9:11, Titus 1:1, etc). Peter also talked about election and the elect in his first letter (1 Pet. 1:1, 10). The concept… Continue reading “Predestination…From All Eternity” (Sproul)

Double Imputation: On This Truth We Will Stand

At the heart of historic, confessional Reformed teaching and preaching is the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone.  An essential part of justification sola fide is the truth of imputation.  R. C. Sproul’s words on this doctrine are outstanding and edifying. “If any word was at the center of the firestorm of the Reformation… Continue reading Double Imputation: On This Truth We Will Stand

The Pope’s Second Hand Junk

 The following are words from the last few minutes of an address R. C. Sproul gave to the 2008 graduating class of Westminster Seminary California.  "[In a sermon late in his life, Luther] wondered, why is it that [despite gospel preaching] people are still spending their money on indulgences and on what Luther called the Pope's… Continue reading The Pope’s Second Hand Junk

Ultimate Issues and Choosing My Religion (Sproul)

I'm grateful to P&R Publishing for several review copies of books that have to do with evangelism and apologetics.  Two good ones they sent me concerning apologetics are  R.C. Sproul's Ultimate Issues and his Choosing My Religion.  Ultimate Issues is a brief book (86 pages) about the deepest things in life such as truth, belief, the difference between atheism… Continue reading Ultimate Issues and Choosing My Religion (Sproul)

Always Reformed: A Collection of Outstanding Essays

 If you're looking for a book that broadly summarizes the history, theology, and ecclesiology of Reformed churches, you'll want to get Always Reformed, a collection of essays dedicated to Dr. Robert Godfrey, pastor and president of Westminster Seminary California.  This book is a handsome hardcover (around 250 pages) that includes contributions by men like Sinclair Ferguson,… Continue reading Always Reformed: A Collection of Outstanding Essays