No One Will Remember You! (Guinness)

We probably don't think about it too much, but there is such a thing as an unbiblical and unchristian view of time and history. False religions often have erroneous views. For example, Mormonism teaches that matter is eternal. Many Eastern religions teach reincarnation. And so forth. However, Scripture teaches that God,who is not bound by… Continue reading No One Will Remember You! (Guinness)

What’s Best Next: A Brief Review

Here’s an interesting book: What’s Best Next by Matt Perman.  It’s basically a Christian book about getting things done in a Christian way.  The book has seven parts (24 chapters) that span around 350 pages.  The book might be summarized like this: Glorify God in all that you do, love your neighbor, and do this… Continue reading What’s Best Next: A Brief Review