Sexual Purity and Our Eyes

While it’s not my favorite book on the topic, Everyman’s Battle is a helpful resource in the fight for sexual purity.  One section I was recently discussing with a friend is especially helpful: training our eyes to avoid impure images and scenes.  Arterburn and Stoeker call it “bouncing” and “starving” the eyes.  What does this… Continue reading Sexual Purity and Our Eyes

The Fuel and Effects of Immodesty

In Kent Hughes’ excellent book, Set Apart: Calling a Worldly Church to A Godly Life, he talks about sexual purity and the Christian life (among other things).  One chapter is called “Modesty.”  In this chapter he explains what fuels immodesty and the effects of immodesty.  This is helpful to consider since we live in culture… Continue reading The Fuel and Effects of Immodesty

The Purity of the Church (Bavinck)

In 1888, Bavinck lectured to the students of the theological school in Kampen - the title was "The Catholicity of Christianity and the Church."  You can find it on the internet in places and in the Calvin Theological Journal 27/2 (1992).  It is classic Bavinck: gospel centered, humble, and "churchly."  I like what he says on the… Continue reading The Purity of the Church (Bavinck)

Sex is Not the Problem (Lust Is)

Sex, purity, and chastity are topics that make us blush despite the fact that the world slams Christians on every side with impurity and unchastity.  Quite literally, we walk in a minefield of sexual impurity - Paul even said we'd have to "go out of the world" avoid sexually immoral people (1 Cor 5.9-10).  How… Continue reading Sex is Not the Problem (Lust Is)