A Pastor’s Prayer (Valley of Vision)

Here’s an excellent pastor’s prayer (slightly edited) from the Valley of Vision: “O my Lord, Let not my ministry be approved only by men, or merely win the esteem and affections of people… Save me from self-opinion and self-seeking; Make my every sermon a means of grace to myself, and help me to experience the… Continue reading A Pastor’s Prayer (Valley of Vision)

A Soft Critique of “A Puritan Theology”

There are many parts of A Puritan Theology that are simply outstanding (which I’ve mentioned before here on the blog).  As a whole, this book is a great resource that serves as an extended intro to the theology of the Puritans.  However, as I’ve been reading sections of it, I do have some concerns.  Before… Continue reading A Soft Critique of “A Puritan Theology”

The Precious Promises of God

Chapter 26 of A Puritan Theology is a wonderful resource on believing, applying, and praying God’s covenant promises.  The chapter is broken down into two main sections: the right understanding of God’s promises and the right use of these promises.  In other words, we should know God’s gospel promises and we should rightly apply them… Continue reading The Precious Promises of God

The Grounds of Perseverance

Chapter 38 of A Puritan Theology is titled, “The Puritans on Perseverance of the Saints.”  In this chapter the authors list four grounds or foundations of the perseverance of the saints as taught by the Puritans.  To state it as a question: “What are the grounds of the perseverance of the saints?” (I’ve edited the… Continue reading The Grounds of Perseverance

Anne Bradstreet

 Here’s a great book on the American Puritan poet, Anne Bradstreet, (that’s also the title of the book) by Heidi Nichols.  It is easy to read, not overly long, and it includes some samples of Bradstreet’s work.  Here are a few words from Bradstreet that are worth reading (these are found in the book). “He… Continue reading Anne Bradstreet