“A Puritan Theology” – A Somewhat Critical Review

(This review was originally published here in June, 2014) There are many parts of A Puritan Theology that are helpful - I’ve mentioned some here on this blog.  As a whole, this book is a good resource that serves as an extended intro to the theology of the Puritans.  However, as I’ve been reading sections… Continue reading “A Puritan Theology” – A Somewhat Critical Review

On How To Read the Puritan Paperbacks

If you’ve followed this blog in the past, you know that I enjoy the little Banner of Truth book series called “The Puritan Paperbacks.”  To be honest, the first time I read one of these Paperbacks (I forget which one), I didn’t really enjoy it or appreciate it.  I thought it was too tedious, detailed,… Continue reading On How To Read the Puritan Paperbacks

The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

One thing I always appreciate about the Puritans is the fact that they make the proper distinction between the law and the gospel.  From Thomas Watson to John Bunyan to William Perkins, the Puritans did not mix the law with the gospel or the gospel with the law.  I got to thinking about this again… Continue reading The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

Back in June, I noted that the section on the law/gospel distinction in the book A Puritan Theology was lacking and incomplete (see my review here).  In other words, the authors failed to give a summarized and systematic description of what the Puritans taught on the law/gospel distinction.  So what did the Puritans teach about… Continue reading The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

Support For Those Weak In Faith

In one section of his book, The Unsearchable Riches of Christ, Thomas Brooks gives some biblical examples of what it means to be weak in faith: those weak in faith have a fair amount of worldliness in their hearts, they fret and worry excessively about troubles and trials, they often think more of their sin… Continue reading Support For Those Weak In Faith