The Church’s Collapse Into Worldliness

Quite often a church’s quest for relevance ends up in unfaithfulness to Christ and his Word.  In Os Guinness’ terms, it is a “collapse into worldliness.”  The question is, how does this happen?  Guinness gives four steps of this downward spiral that starts with a desire for relevance and ends in unfaithfulness.  (Note: I’ve edited… Continue reading The Church’s Collapse Into Worldliness

Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

It’s been awhile since Andrew or I pointed our readers to Abraham Kuyper, so I thought it would be good to do so once again.  The following quotes are found in chapter seven (“Congregational Song”) of Our Worship.  I’ve edited it for the purpose of this blog. “We defend the use of hymns, but we… Continue reading Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

Psalms, Worship, and Prayer

The selections of articles about the psalter and Christian worship in Sing a New Song are outstanding.  Here's a helpful discussion in chapter 11, "Psalmody and Prayer" written by John Fesko. "We live in a culture that desires near-constant entertainment, so it should not be much of a surprise to find an entertainment-driven understanding of… Continue reading Psalms, Worship, and Prayer

The Messianic Vacuum: How Not To Interperet the Psalter

 In the past, I've mentioned my disappointment with John Goldingay's three volume commentary on the psalms because they completely lack a christological focus.  Not only does Goldingay simply avoid talking about Christ in the psalms, he explicitly says that psalms historically considered messianic are in fact not messianic. He sucks the Messiah from the psalms.  I used his commentary on Psalm 110 recently, and here's what… Continue reading The Messianic Vacuum: How Not To Interperet the Psalter

Weeping, Lamenting, Worship

These are some great words to think about in the context of corporate worship and Christian lament, grief, and sorrow.  In this context, Andrew Byers is talking about the cries found in the Psalter. "At some point along the way the Western church stopped associating weeping with worship.  It probably occurred about the time we stopped reading… Continue reading Weeping, Lamenting, Worship