Show Me The Way, Lord (Ross)

Allen Ross' three-volume commentary on the Psalms is a helpful resource for studying the Psalter. I've been using this set for the past few years and I generally appreciate Ross' balance between exegesis, interpretation, and application. The set is available on Logos and at other good bookstores. This afternoon my studies were on Psalm 143.… Continue reading Show Me The Way, Lord (Ross)

Touched by God’s Mercy (Futato)

I've found Mark Futato's commentary on the Psalms in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary to be an insightful and concise reference for studying the Psalter. For example, this week I was studying the last few verses of Psalm 116. I was specifically studying the Psalmist's response to God's saving mercy in his life in answer to… Continue reading Touched by God’s Mercy (Futato)

A Must Read Resource for Studying the Psalms

Students of Scripture who neglect the writings of the early church theologians (the patristics) miss out on some incredibly helpful, profound, and edifying biblical insights. I do think one weakness of some modern commentaries, Bible studies, and Christian books is the failure to engage with the theologians of the early church. Speaking of theologians of… Continue reading A Must Read Resource for Studying the Psalms

Self-Absorbed in Worship? (Boice)

 We've all heard the contemporary praise song that says "I will" more than a few times.   Phrases like "I will celebrate," "I will sing to God," "I will praise God," are sung and repeated many times in the same song.   Here are James Montgomery Boice's comments on such a song: The chorus seems to… Continue reading Self-Absorbed in Worship? (Boice)

The Psalter Knows Christ (Athanasius)

Some of our readers may remember how Luther and Calvin loved the Psalms and spoke of them often.  Luther said that the Psalms were a mini Bible.  Calvin said that all the emotions of the soul are found in the Psalter.  In saying these things, neither Luther nor Calvin were being novel or cutting edge. … Continue reading The Psalter Knows Christ (Athanasius)