Book of Psalms for Worship: Recommended

Though I’m not an exclusive psalmist, I do agree with this: “Congregations do well to sing the metrical versions or other musical settings of the Psalms frequently in public worship” (OPC Directory for Worship II.B.2).  In the church I serve, we sing Psalms often and we also follow the practice of other Reformed/Presbyterian churches by… Continue reading Book of Psalms for Worship: Recommended

Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

It’s been awhile since Andrew or I pointed our readers to Abraham Kuyper, so I thought it would be good to do so once again.  The following quotes are found in chapter seven (“Congregational Song”) of Our Worship.  I’ve edited it for the purpose of this blog. “We defend the use of hymns, but we… Continue reading Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

Singing The Psalms

  We live in a time in which many (most?) churches in the U.S. sing "lite" praise songs with very little theological significance.  I believe this is one reason why these churches have lost their theological footing and are now sailing in the cultural breezes like a kite.  If you sing lite praise songs with fluffy theology, you start… Continue reading Singing The Psalms

Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture

In the little corner of the Reformed tradition that I'm in, the church I serve uses a hymnal sometimes called "The Blue Psalter" or "The Psalter Hymnal."  It has hymns that are based on the psalms, hymns based on some other parts of the Bible, and it has hymns based on Christian doctrine.  Some of the hymns… Continue reading Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture