Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)

God uses our prayers as a means to his ends. Our prayers are not pointless; they fit in with God's sovereign providence and plan. There is mystery here to be sure. We are finite creatures and many of God's ways and thoughts are far, far beyond us. But the Bible does teach that God hears… Continue reading Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)

Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

Here's a good hymn for God's people who are patiently waiting for his help and aid. It was written by William Cowper and is called, "The Lord Will Provide" (Gen. 22:14). Note: the third stanza is a reference to the story in 1 Samuel 23 where God providentially delivered David from Saul's sword and army.… Continue reading Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

Why Does God Allow Temptations?

Sometimes a child of God asks, "Why does God allow me to be tempted?" Or "Why does God permit indwelling sin to remain in me? Why do I still struggle with these dark sins?" Those are good but difficult questions. Many Christians have asked those kinds of questions before, so if they've come to your… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Temptations?

Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

In 1557 the Reformed church in Paris was facing pretty severe persecution. In a letter that John Calvin wrote to the church in Paris during this time he mentioned his prayers for them and his desire to help them more. It seems like some Christians had attempted to send some sort of aid and helps… Continue reading Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

The Hiddenness of God’s Sovereignty (Davis)

At one point during David's reign he and his administration actually had to flee Jerusalem (2 Sam. 15-18). Absalom, David's son, had built up an army and was bent on taking the throne for himself. So David thought it best to leave the city. But David did appoint a spy to gather information from Absalom's… Continue reading The Hiddenness of God’s Sovereignty (Davis)