Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

As a few of our readers may know, in some small pockets of Reformed Christianity there is strong opposition to making distinctions in the way Christ reigns over the world.  Some say we must not distinguish between Christ’s general rule over all and his saving rule over his church.  (FYI, if you’ve not heard of… Continue reading Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

Protesting Papal Snares

Sometimes we Protestants forget our protest.  The Reformation came about because certain Christian men boldly protested the heinous abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.  These weren’t minor abuses; it wasn’t like the Reformers were simply upset about a few songs, candle arrangements, and the writings of one or two priests.  The Reformers protested against Rome… Continue reading Protesting Papal Snares

Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

A friend of mine who has roots in the Anglican tradition gave me a great article by Anglican bishop J. C. Ryle (d. 1900).  The article has to do with the 39 Articles - specifically in the context of the late 1800s when some Anglicans were essentially ignoring them.  Though I write this for the… Continue reading Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

The European Reformation(s)

 I just noticed a clearance sale on a seminary textbook I've grown to love: The European Reformations by Carter Lindberg (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1996).  Note: this is the first edition of the textbook.  The second edition is out as well (check it out here).  The first edition would be good for those of you who… Continue reading The European Reformation(s)

The Courage to be Protestant

I just finished this hearty workout by David Wells: The Courage to be Protestant (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2008).  He sets the evangelical American church on the table poking it, prodding it, and pondering why it is in the sad shape it finds itself in today: a doctrinal vacuum where people want a spiritual fix their… Continue reading The Courage to be Protestant