Prophetic Language in the OT: Literal? (Bavinck)

Most readers of the OT are familiar with the prophetic texts that talk about a future temple, sacrifices, mount Zion, etc. Of course some Christians take these prophecies extremely literally. But is literal interpretation of these OT prophetic texts legitimate? Do these OT prophetic texts give us an eschatology of literalism? Herman Bavinck said not… Continue reading Prophetic Language in the OT: Literal? (Bavinck)

Jesus, Prophets, and Prophecy (Robertson)

 If you're looking for a detailed, scholarly biblical resource on the Old Testament prophets, you'll want to get "The Christ of the Prophets" by O. Palmer Robertson. I'm working my way through it now and am finding out it's a very thorough and helpful study.  The unabridged volume is long (c. 500 pages) but it's… Continue reading Jesus, Prophets, and Prophecy (Robertson)

The Prophets, Eschatology, and Two-Ages (Vos)

Vos: Dogmatics This Q/A by G. Vos is so helpful for thinking about OT prophetic literature, eschatology, and the two-ages:  In many of these passages [Is. 2:2, Mic. 4:1, Acts 2:17, 1 Pet. 1:20, & 1 Jn 2:18], is not something entirely different spoken of than what we understand by “the last days,” namely, the… Continue reading The Prophets, Eschatology, and Two-Ages (Vos)

Eschatology, Prophecy, and Foreshortening (Vos)

 When it comes to the OT prophets and eschatology, one area of discussion is the "literalness" of prophetic language.  Though not everyone agrees, in Reformed theology we see the prophets as speaking the truth in poetic and sometimes apocalyptic ways (similar to the Psalms, Revelation, and other parts of Scripture).  Therefore we don't read the… Continue reading Eschatology, Prophecy, and Foreshortening (Vos)

A Brief Summary of Micah

I found this short summary of the prophet Micah’s message helpful.  It was written by Bruce Waltke and can be found in The Minor Prophets, a commentary series that T. McComiskey edited (a series worth owning by the way).  Here Waltke discusses the three cycles of prophecy in Micah (ch 1-2, 3-5, 6-7). “In the… Continue reading A Brief Summary of Micah