Jesus, Prophets, and Prophecy (Robertson)

 If you're looking for a detailed, scholarly biblical resource on the Old Testament prophets, you'll want to get "The Christ of the Prophets" by O. Palmer Robertson. I'm working my way through it now and am finding out it's a very thorough and helpful study.  The unabridged volume is long (c. 500 pages) but it's… Continue reading Jesus, Prophets, and Prophecy (Robertson)

Eschatology, Prophecy, and Foreshortening (Vos)

 When it comes to the OT prophets and eschatology, one area of discussion is the "literalness" of prophetic language.  Though not everyone agrees, in Reformed theology we see the prophets as speaking the truth in poetic and sometimes apocalyptic ways (similar to the Psalms, Revelation, and other parts of Scripture).  Therefore we don't read the… Continue reading Eschatology, Prophecy, and Foreshortening (Vos)

Should We Take the Bible Literally?

The historic Christian faith is a faith that takes the Bible very seriously.  For example, in Reformed theology, we say God's Word is sufficient, necessary, clear, and authoritative (among other things).  But should we take the Bible literally?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, we take it literally in what it says and teaches; we shouldn't… Continue reading Should We Take the Bible Literally?

Eschatology, Millennialism, End Times, etc.

 A friend of mine recently made the trek out of dispensationalism into Reformed theology.  A few members in the church I serve also came out of dispensational circles.  These things made me want to study dispensationalism from a dispensationalist's point of view, so I purchased and read Ryrie's Dispensationalism (Revised and Expanded).  While I don't want to give a book review… Continue reading Eschatology, Millennialism, End Times, etc.

Goldingay’s Commentary on the Psalms: A Methodological Critique

I've been working with John Goldingay's 3-volume commentary set on the Psalms for a while now.  I haven't read every part (and I'm not overly familiar with Goldingay's other writings, though I know he's some stripe of an open theist, which is a whole other subject), but I have read and utilized it enough to register a… Continue reading Goldingay’s Commentary on the Psalms: A Methodological Critique