Contentment and the Promises of God (Burroughs)

True contentment is one of the greatest spiritual virtues. A Christian who is content is not one you'll find grumbling or complaining. A Christian who is content will not have the bitterness of heart that comes from jealousy and envy. If you are a follower of Jesus who is content you will not be running… Continue reading Contentment and the Promises of God (Burroughs)

A Handbook of Bible Promises

I recently ran across a helpful resource that approaches the main teachings of Scripture from the perspective of God's promises: Handbook of Bible Promises by Martin Manser and Mike Beaumont. It's something like a systematic theology book with an emphasis on the promises of God. This book is also full of Scripture references which makes… Continue reading A Handbook of Bible Promises

The Gospel is Sprinkled Throughout Scripture (Melanchthon)

Philip Melanchthon's Loci Communes Theologici (Fundamental Theological Themes) was published early on in the Reformation - in 1521 when Melanchthon was only 24 years old. Melanchthon's Loci is something of a summary of the main Christian themes in Scripture. Martin Luther hailed the Loci more than once and said it should be included in the… Continue reading The Gospel is Sprinkled Throughout Scripture (Melanchthon)

Gospel Promises and Perseverance (Owen)

 One of John Owen's many volumes is called "The Doctrine of the Saints' Perseverance Explained and Confirmed."  As you might guess, it's a great exposition of the "P" In "TULIP."  I haven't read it all yet, but so far it's been very helpful and edifying.  Below is one section I ran across this morning.  It's… Continue reading Gospel Promises and Perseverance (Owen)

Good That I Was Afflicted? (Newton)

Sometimes during a hard and heavy trial there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Just when you think the trial may be going away like a storm passing, just when you think the sun might finally be coming out, another dark cloud blows in and the trial is back… Continue reading Good That I Was Afflicted? (Newton)