Come to Christ – A Promise! (Bunyan)

 Jesus often called people to come to him for help, salvation, healing, and hope.  And the Lord promised that those who come will not be heavily burdened or cast aside: whoever comes to me I will never drive away (John 6:37 NIV).  Sometimes people might be hesitant to come to Jesus for various reasons.  They might… Continue reading Come to Christ – A Promise! (Bunyan)

Predestination and the Promise (Bunyan)

  Not much in our lives is certain.  We could lose our job and have to move in a month.  We could get into a car accident that makes the rest of our life quite difficult.  Or we could face a diagnosis that immediately brings tears to our eyes and ache to our heart.  Much… Continue reading Predestination and the Promise (Bunyan)

Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

 Quite obviously the term and concept of covenant is a major theme in Scripture.  It's not always easy to define since there are quite a few covenants made in the Bible and since they are made in different cultures and time periods.  Having said that, I appreciate Meridith Kline's general definition of covenant: Of the… Continue reading Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

God Crowns Grace with Grace (Sibbes)

I'm finally reading Richard Sibbes' Josiah's Reformation - a book which was originally a four-part sermon series on 2 Chronicles 34:26-28.  So far so good!  Today I came across this great paragraph on how God crowns his grace with grace: God hath set down this order in things, that where there is a broken heart… Continue reading God Crowns Grace with Grace (Sibbes)

Why Do We Call It The Covenant Of “Grace”?

In Reformed theology, we call God’s oath to be God to his people and their seed the “covenant of grace.”  Beginning with the promise of One who would crush the head of the serpent in Genesis 3, God has covenanted with his people to be their deliverer.  The exact term “covenant of grace” is not… Continue reading Why Do We Call It The Covenant Of “Grace”?