Christians and TV News

  In the past five years, I probably have watched a total of three hours of TV news (and thirty minutes of that was at an airport waiting for a flight to depart).  We don’t have cable or dish, and I never watch network TV news.  I have better things to do that watch the… Continue reading Christians and TV News

Darwinism, Falsification, and Presuppositions

I’m struck by these words of Phillip Johnson that have to do with the naturalistic presuppositions of Darwinists.  Notice how these presuppositions seriously weaken good and truthful science and scientific inquiry.  “The leaders of [evolutionary] science see themselves as locked in a desperate battle against religious fundamentalists, a label which they tend to apply broadly… Continue reading Darwinism, Falsification, and Presuppositions

Darwinian Fundamentalism

 I've heard about Phillip Johnson's book, Darwin on Trial, but until recently I haven't read it.  And I'm very glad I finally did. This book does not deal with superficial issues.  It gets right to the heart of the matter by examining the logic, presuppositions, and religious aspects of Darwinism. Darwin on Trial captured my attention… Continue reading Darwinian Fundamentalism

T. F. Torrance: The Disturbing Divine Revelation

  "...In all our response to God's Word and formulation of divine Truth we are summoned to let God retain his own reality, majesty, and authority over against us.  In divine revelation we have to do with a Word of God which is what it is as Word of God in its own reality independent… Continue reading T. F. Torrance: The Disturbing Divine Revelation

The Contextual Character of Knowledge

This book (or small library of books!), Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1996) has been a huge help to me in the past four years (as I mentioned here a few years back).  This week, in my studies, I've been re-reading book 5 of this tome, Science and Hermeneutics by Vern Poythress (I… Continue reading The Contextual Character of Knowledge