The Pity and Presentness of God (Melanchthon)

 We might sometimes forget the many difficulties the Protestant Reformers faced in their efforts to reform the church according to the Word.  It's not like everyone appreciated what they were doing and flocked to their churches.  Many reformers faced a lot of hardships, hostility, and hatred from all different kinds of people.  I'm sure many… Continue reading The Pity and Presentness of God (Melanchthon)

The Grounds of Perseverance

Chapter 38 of A Puritan Theology is titled, “The Puritans on Perseverance of the Saints.”  In this chapter the authors list four grounds or foundations of the perseverance of the saints as taught by the Puritans.  To state it as a question: “What are the grounds of the perseverance of the saints?” (I’ve edited the… Continue reading The Grounds of Perseverance

Triune Preservation: Canons of Dort V.8

The Canons of Dort are a great treasure field well worth mining.  Let me explain.  While studying John 17 (Jesus' High-priestly prayer), I noticed how clear it is that Jesus saves, keeps, and guards his people, and prays to the Father for this as well. Earlier in John's Gospel, Jesus spoke about the Spirit who would… Continue reading Triune Preservation: Canons of Dort V.8