Public Worship: A Covenantal Assembly

One major aspect of Reformed worship (worship of God that is Reformed according to the Word of God) is a covenantal emphasis.  That is, corporate worship is when God’s people assemble to sing his praises, call on him in prayer, and hear him speak through his Word.  I appreciate how the Directory for the Public… Continue reading Public Worship: A Covenantal Assembly

Essays On The OPC: A Brief Review

I recently picked up a copy of this 2011 publication: Confident of Better Things: Essays Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (ed. John Muether and Danny Olinger).  This is a thick book (500 pages) and I haven’t read every essay in it, but I would like to point it out to our readers.… Continue reading Essays On The OPC: A Brief Review

Why Confessions?

To question the need for Christian confessions isn’t a new thing.  Among other Reformed pastors in church history, Robert Shaw (a Scottish Presbyterian in the mid-19th century) ably defended the use of confessions.  His defense comes in the introduction to his excellent study, An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  The entire introduction is… Continue reading Why Confessions?

Children, Church, New Covenant: Not Narrower, but Wider

  Since I'm the pastor of a Reformation church where there are very few Reformed churches, one question I get is, "Why do you baptize children? Are you Roman Catholic?"  The short answer is no, we're not at all Roman Catholic, we're Reformed.  We baptize children because we're a Reformed church.  All Reformed/Presbyterian churches baptize infants, not just ours. … Continue reading Children, Church, New Covenant: Not Narrower, but Wider

Pietism and Subjectivism: Undoing Biblical Worship

  The Pietist movement and subjectivism are two things - among others - that have corroded, watered down, and weakened Christian worship in the United States.  When all the emphasis is on the self, feelings, experiences, and emotions, you know you're in the realm of pietism and subjectivism (that or an Oprah show).  We've all heard these types… Continue reading Pietism and Subjectivism: Undoing Biblical Worship