A History of American Presbyterianism

If you're looking for a readable and reliable resource on the history of Presbyterianism in America, you'll want to put this one at or near the top of your list: Seeking A Better Country by D. G. Hart and John R. Muether. I recently finished reading it and was impressed at how much information the… Continue reading A History of American Presbyterianism

Three Great Negations of Presbyterianism (Hodge)

 There's more to presbyerianism than this, but these points by Charles Hodge are for sure worth highlighting: ...The three great negations of Presbyterianism—that is, the three great errors which it denies are—1. That all church power vests in the clergy. 2. That the apostolic office is perpetual. 3. That each individual Christian congregation is independent.… Continue reading Three Great Negations of Presbyterianism (Hodge)

What is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

For our church information table, I recently ordered a package of the new brochure/pamphlets printed by the OPC to introduce people to the gospel and give them information about the OPC.  I thought it was really well done, so I wanted to share it here (you can see and/or order it online here).   What follows… Continue reading What is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

Arguments Against Term Eldership

In confessional Reformed and Presbyterian circles, elders are typically elected by the congregation based on the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Although it differs a bit in various Reformed and Presbyterian churches, typically men who are elected to the office of elder serve for several years (i.e. 3), then take several years… Continue reading Arguments Against Term Eldership

A Move to the OPC

  Just wanted to let our readers know that I (Shane) recently received and accepted a call to pastor Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC) In Hammond, WI (about 40 miles East of St. Paul, MN).  In other words, my family and I moved from Sunnyside, WA - and the URC there - to Hammond, WI -… Continue reading A Move to the OPC