The Center Point of Religious Life: Corporate Christian Worship (Bavinck)

 In Kampen on November 28, 1889, Herman Bavinck gave a lecture to seminary students at the theological school there.  The lecture was called "Eloquence" and it was all about Christian preaching.  Due to demand, Bavinck wrote this lecture out and it was later published.  Just recently it has been translated into English and made available… Continue reading The Center Point of Religious Life: Corporate Christian Worship (Bavinck)

Arming Weak Christians

I (Shane) am heading to the Desiring God Pastors’ Conference in Minneapolis today.  I don’t go to many conferences, I have to admit, but since this one is very close and since I can always use encouragement and instruction in the pastoral ministry, I’m heading there soon (if any of our readers are planning on… Continue reading Arming Weak Christians

Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

 I'm surprised how many times I hear people speak negatively about a pastor's seminary education - as if knowledge is deadly to the soul (or ignorance is bliss).  Of course, this sentiment is a common American one that goes way back to the early frontier days of circuit preachers.  Billy Sunday even said, "I don't know… Continue reading Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

The Pope’s Second Hand Junk

 The following are words from the last few minutes of an address R. C. Sproul gave to the 2008 graduating class of Westminster Seminary California.  "[In a sermon late in his life, Luther] wondered, why is it that [despite gospel preaching] people are still spending their money on indulgences and on what Luther called the Pope's… Continue reading The Pope’s Second Hand Junk

Access Hollywood (The Church Version)

 This is worth reading a few times. "Cults of personality are very bad things; the role of the preacher is to point to Christ and, in that context, to be as invisible as possible.  The preacher who brings attention to himself would seem to be, by Paul's standards, a failure; more than that, a congregation… Continue reading Access Hollywood (The Church Version)