A Pastor’s Treatment of His Wife (Miller)

(This is a re-post from May 1, 2017) A pastor's marriage is a very important part of his life and ministry.  It should be obvious that a pastor must be an excellent Christian example of what it means for a husband to serve, cherish, nourish, and love his wife in a humble, Christ-like way.  Samuel… Continue reading A Pastor’s Treatment of His Wife (Miller)

The Humbling Aspect of Preaching (or: Glad I Must Fail At Last)

I'm very much enjoying this excellent book on preaching: Heralds of God by James Stewart. I'll write more about it later, but for now let me say that if you're a preacher and you haven't read it, you should get it! If you're not a preacher, this is a good one to get your pastor… Continue reading The Humbling Aspect of Preaching (or: Glad I Must Fail At Last)

A Preacher Who Does Not Preach God’s Word (Luther)

In a Christmas Day sermon in 1521 Martin Luther preached on the advent story in Luke 2. Luther touched on many points in this sermon, including the message of the angels and the reality that Christ is the fulfillment of so many Old Testaments promises and prophecies. At one point when Luther was talking about… Continue reading A Preacher Who Does Not Preach God’s Word (Luther)

From a Pastor to His New Congregation (Kuyper)

When Abraham Kuyper arrived in Amsterdam in August, 1870, he gave an inaugural sermon to the Reformed congregation that he had been called to shepherd. This sermon is called "Rooted and Grounded" and it is found in the volume On the Church by Abraham Kuyper. In this sermon Kuyper talked about how the church is… Continue reading From a Pastor to His New Congregation (Kuyper)

Praised for our Preaching? (Grimke)

 I recently picked up this short book called "Meditations on Preaching" by Francis Grimke.  To be honest, I hadn't heard about this book before but after looking into it seemed like the book would be worthwhile to read.  And it for sure is!  It's full of great Christian wisdom on preaching.  If you're a pastor… Continue reading Praised for our Preaching? (Grimke)