Growing (Painfully!) In The Gospel: P.T. Forsyth

One of the neat things about running a book blog is the recommendations we get from time to time.  We appreciate it when you notice the different kinds of books we enjoy and then let us know what you think we'd enjoy based on our blog posts.  Awhile back one of you mentioned that we… Continue reading Growing (Painfully!) In The Gospel: P.T. Forsyth

The Unbusy Necessity of Prayer

  I'm in the middle of Paul Miller's A Praying Life.  I really like most aspects of it (i.e. his emphasis on the gospel), but there are a few things I'm not  so wild about (i.e. he was almost too 'contemporary' in some of his theological language, which ended up sounding messy).  To summarize a long… Continue reading The Unbusy Necessity of Prayer

Matthew Henry on Prayer

The great puritan Matthew Henry wrote an outstanding book on biblical prayer called A Method for Praying.  In a world where an adverbial phrase - I just want - is the repeated chorus in prayer, Henry's book is an antidote to such a shallow chorus.  In Ligon Duncan's terms (from the intro), a scriptural… Continue reading Matthew Henry on Prayer