Prayers of Repentance/Confession

(This is a repost from August, 2012) In August of 1662 around 2,000 ministers left the national church of England for the sake of conscience (they were called the non-conformists).  You’ll have to read about this significant church history event elsewhere since I simply want to point out a few prayers of repentance that two… Continue reading Prayers of Repentance/Confession

Most Gracious God… (Luther’s Prayers)

This is a nice little book: Luther’s Prayers edited by Herbert Brokering (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1994).  This book is basically a topically arranged collection of 185 short prayers by Luther  The prayers are gems – beautiful words to a great and merciful God.  As the editor wrote, these prayers “show Luther as one deeply dependent… Continue reading Most Gracious God… (Luther’s Prayers)

A Contrite Heart (The Prayer of John Newton)

When John Newton was still young in years (25 or so) and young in Christ (only a year or two), he sometimes lamented his slow spiritual growth.  Here's a prayer of his from January 1, 1754.  It is really a prayer all Christians can (should!?) pray.  This is exactly what it means to have a… Continue reading A Contrite Heart (The Prayer of John Newton)

Bonhoeffer’s Prison Prayers

   This is a sweet book.  It captures many of my interests at once.  First, I appreciate Dietrich Bonhoeffer's writings in general.  These letters and papers are especially edifying because I can see what is "behind" some of his other works, so to speak.  Second, I love reading about the tough issues: What does it… Continue reading Bonhoeffer’s Prison Prayers