A Prayer for Christian Unity (Calvin)

Here's an excellent prayer by John Calvin for genuine Christian unity. As we look forward to corporate worship on the Lord's Day tomorrow, may this be our prayer: Grant, Almighty God, that as we are so scattered in our pilgrimage in this world, that even a dreadful spectacle is presented to our eyes, when we… Continue reading A Prayer for Christian Unity (Calvin)

Show Me The Way, Lord (Ross)

Allen Ross' three-volume commentary on the Psalms is a helpful resource for studying the Psalter. I've been using this set for the past few years and I generally appreciate Ross' balance between exegesis, interpretation, and application. The set is available on Logos and at other good bookstores. This afternoon my studies were on Psalm 143.… Continue reading Show Me The Way, Lord (Ross)

A Prayer for Help to Flee from Sin (Luther)

Most certainly and primarily the Christian learns to pray from the teaching of Scripture. We have examples of prayers in both Testaments. Most of the Psalms are prayers. Jesus taught us a pattern of prayer. Scripture is our primary resource for improving our prayer lives. However, we can also learn how to pray from other… Continue reading A Prayer for Help to Flee from Sin (Luther)

Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)

God uses our prayers as a means to his ends. Our prayers are not pointless; they fit in with God's sovereign providence and plan. There is mystery here to be sure. We are finite creatures and many of God's ways and thoughts are far, far beyond us. But the Bible does teach that God hears… Continue reading Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)