Your Loosen’d Tongues Employ! (Winslow)

This morning I was looking through the first few chapters of Octavius Winslow's The Sympathy of Christ. I wanted to read his helpful comments on the Bible stories about Jesus' tears and compassion (e.g. Luke 7:11-17). I wasn't disappointed! Winslow did a nice job of explaining the sympathy of our Savior. As a side note,… Continue reading Your Loosen’d Tongues Employ! (Winslow)

Panic, Prayers, and Praise (Lloyd-Jones)

 In Philippians 4:6 Paul says "Do not be anxious about anything.  Instead, in every situation, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God" (NET).  D. M. Lloyd-Jones noted that Paul was being specific with his order of words in this verse: prayer - petition (both with thanksgiving) - give your requests to… Continue reading Panic, Prayers, and Praise (Lloyd-Jones)

Wonder, Love, and Praise (Simeon)

 I appreciated this commentary and application by Charles Simeon as he discussed the story of the fiery snakes in Numbers 21 - the story Jesus referred to in his discussion with Nicodemus (John 3:14-15): O how are we indebted to God for the light of his blessed Gospel! Little did the Israelites know what a… Continue reading Wonder, Love, and Praise (Simeon)

Hippolytus (d. 236 AD) on the Psalter

Hippolytus (bishop in Rome around 220-236 AD) wrote quite a bit for the benefit of the early church; many of his writings have been recovered and translated.  One particular fragment I found fascinating is his short introduction to the Psalter (found with other writings of his in Ante Nicene Fathers, V.199ff).  I'll summarize his brief… Continue reading Hippolytus (d. 236 AD) on the Psalter