Pragmatism and Postmodernity (Groothuis)

In chapter six of Doug Groothuis' helpful book, Christian Apologetics, he does a nice job explaining and refuting postmodernism from a Christian point of view.  He notes that in postmodernity, "dialoging about one religion being true or another false is beside the point.  All are 'true' in the postmodern sense because they give meaning and direction to… Continue reading Pragmatism and Postmodernity (Groothuis)

An Objective Christian Approach to Ethics

Many cultures today – including Western culture – have a subjective, pragmatic, relativistic, and democratic view of ethics and morality.  Historic Christianity, however, has an objective foundation for absolute norms.  Here are five points Kenneth Samples gives to explain the Christian foundation for ethics (I’ve summarized and slightly edited these): “1) Morality originates in God’s… Continue reading An Objective Christian Approach to Ethics