The Hermit Crab Church (Wells)

(This is a re-post from July 2012) In Losing Our Virtue, David Wells explains how many aspects of modernity and postmodernity have crept into the church to the point where any talk about sin is avoided and talk about self is central.  From watered down emotional praise songs to therapeutic sermons to the loss of… Continue reading The Hermit Crab Church (Wells)

An Interpretive Realist

Here are some great words about texts and their meaning in our postmodern context.“The basic problem with the postmodern liberation of the reader from dominant interpretations is that it fails to free readers from themselves. The irony of this liberation from fixed orders is that the postmodern self becomes free and responsible only by emptying… Continue reading An Interpretive Realist

TV’s Assault on Truth (Groothuis)

The appendix of Truth Decay by Douglas Groothuis is a short essay that describes how television is a “potent agent of truth decay” in today’s postmodern (or post-postmodern) world.  I found the essay to be helpful, so I’ll summarize Groothuis’ five ways television has contributed (and does contribute) to the decay of truth in our… Continue reading TV’s Assault on Truth (Groothuis)

Truth, Humility, and Apologetics (Groothuis)

Here's a great quote from a great book. "Postmodernists fret mightily about arrogance and dogmatism, but to avoid them they typically rebound into the equal and opposite errors of cheap tolerance and relativism.  However, a belief in the objectivity of truth and its importance for all of life does not entail an arrogant attitude or… Continue reading Truth, Humility, and Apologetics (Groothuis)

Truth, Epistemology, and Baseball

  Since I like baseball and certain philosophical discussions, I thought this was a good illustration that shows a few different ways people view truth.  (And I'll refrain from explaining how calling strikes is tough because the strike zone is more like a cube than a square.)  Is truth objective, subjective, or a social construction?  Os Guinness illustrates it this way. … Continue reading Truth, Epistemology, and Baseball