The Moral Slide of Western Culture Illustrated (Guinness)

 In chapter one of Time for Truth, Os Guinness tells a story that very clearly describes our culture's moral downhill slide.  It also illustrates the turn from modernity to postmodernity.  Guinness mentions "The Lottery," a fictional story that the New Yorker published in 1948.  When it did come out in print, there was plenty of moral… Continue reading The Moral Slide of Western Culture Illustrated (Guinness)

Students of Emergent (Emerging Students?)

I know some of you might disagree, but I'm pretty convinced that we can learn quite a bit from the Emergent movement.  Of course, the Emergent movement is quite "liquid," so I guess I tend to appreciate the more orthodox side of it - I learn more from those who are more faithful to Scripture, in other words.  I've mentioned… Continue reading Students of Emergent (Emerging Students?)

Humility – Where Has It Moved? (Chesterton)

 This one is worth reading aloud - a few times. "What we suffer from today is humility in the wrong place.  Modesty has moved from the organ of ambition.  Modesty has settled upon the organ of conviction; where it was never meant to be.  A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about… Continue reading Humility – Where Has It Moved? (Chesterton)

Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)

This is an amazing and truly outstanding book.  Lesslie Newbigin's Proper Confidence (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995) is honestly one of the best brief and to the point books I've read on Christian epistemology (i.e. knowing things - specifically how faith and knowledge relate).  I would love to do a series of blog posts on this… Continue reading Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)

Vanhoozer on Proof-texting

Kevin Vanhoozer, in his excellent book The Drama of Doctrine, gives the reader some things to consider about proof-texting (compiling a list of texts to prove a point).  To be sure, Vanhoozer certainly affirms that texts teach us doctrinal truth, but he says they do more than that.  For now, note what he says about the dangers of… Continue reading Vanhoozer on Proof-texting