Must Christians Get Married? (Calvin)

What is a young Christian man to do when he is around 20 years old and doesn't know about getting married? Maybe he doesn't really want to pursue marriage. Maybe he's happy not being married. Or what about a young Christian woman in a similar position with similar thoughts? Must Christians get married? To be… Continue reading Must Christians Get Married? (Calvin)

Addictions, Grace, and the Church

I appreciated the article by Tim Lane in the recent Journal of Biblical Counseling: Godly Intoxication: The Church Can Minister to Addicts.  Christian churches should be places where addicts (and other sinners!) can go to hear the gospel of forgiveness preached all the time.  Many people today struggle with all sorts of addictions - from drugs… Continue reading Addictions, Grace, and the Church

Fighting Sin(ful Habits)

 Tim Chester's You Can Change is a great help for the Christian battling sin and sinful habits.  For me, it was sort of like all of my favorite biblical counseling books in one.  It is theologically sound, biblical, and very practical for the daily struggle we call sanctification.  To be honest, as I think about it again,… Continue reading Fighting Sin(ful Habits)