Law/Gospel: A Staple in Reformation Theology

We've posted on this before, but it is something that needs to be said more than a few times: the law/gospel distinction is right there in the fabric of old-school Reformed theology.  Though some people don't like it, won't teach it, and think it is Lutheran, it is undeniable that a sharp law/gospel distinction is… Continue reading Law/Gospel: A Staple in Reformation Theology

Puritans, Reformed Scholasticism, and Text Criticism

Puritan and Reformed Scholasticism was "built on" an intense, scholarly, detailed, and humble study of the Scriptures - including original languages and semitic studies. The Reformed scholastics were not opposed to early textual criticism - what we may call "lower" criticism as opposed to "higher" criticism. Actually, the scholastics did massive textual and critical work.… Continue reading Puritans, Reformed Scholasticism, and Text Criticism