Polycarp: “Away with the Atheists!”

For various reasons, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the accuracy of ancient uninspired literature. The ancient methods and customs of writing were often different than they are today. Scholars have spent a lot of time and energy working to learn how accurate various ancient sources are. One such example is the Martyrdom of Polycarp.… Continue reading Polycarp: “Away with the Atheists!”

The Office of Deacon

 The Greek word for deacon (diakonos) means "serve" or "servant."  This same word is used several times in the Gospels to describe Jesus' mission: he came not to be served ("deaconed") but to serve ("deacon") and give his life as a ransom for many (Matt 20.28, Mark 10.45, etc.).  I love how Polycarp (d. ca. 160… Continue reading The Office of Deacon

Polycarp, Peter, and Pauline Presuppositions

I was recently studying 1 Pet 1.9, where the apostle says that the outcome of the Christian's faith is the salvation of her/his soul.  While pondering how Peter would define faith there (and in the broader context of the epistle), one of my Pauline presuppositions kicked in: when thinking of faith and salvation I remembered… Continue reading Polycarp, Peter, and Pauline Presuppositions

Apostolic Fathers: A Great Resource

This source is a gem.  The latest edition (3rd) of  the Greek/English text of the Apostolic Fathers (edited by M. W. Holmes) is a sturdy, easy to read primary source of early church theology and piety.  The Greek font is easy to read, and the English text on the opposing page quite closely matches it,… Continue reading Apostolic Fathers: A Great Resource