Bunyan’s Prison Poem and Comfort in Death

When John Bunyan was in prison in 1665 he wrote a poem called "Prison Meditations Directed to the Heart of Suffering Saints and Reigning Sinners." Here's a part of it I thought our readers would appreciate: 5. I am, indeed, in prison nowIn body, but my mindIs free to study Christ, and howUnto me he… Continue reading Bunyan’s Prison Poem and Comfort in Death

Two Good Reads

A few weeks back I finished this historical biography on Anne Bradstreet (1612-1642) by Faith Cook: Anne Bradstreet Pilgrim and Poet (Carlisle: EP Books, 2010).  This is a great introduction to an amazing Puritan woman's life, times, and writings.  Anne came to America with some of the first Puritan refugees in the 1630s and faced… Continue reading Two Good Reads

Fokkelman on Hebrew Poetry

In seminary, we read parts of J. P. Fokkelman on biblical narrative and biblical poetry.  Recently, while studying the Shirat ha-Yam (the Song at the Sea) in Ex 15, I read parts of Fokkelman on poetry again to review several aspects.  I realize there are several different approaches to biblical poetry; I need to read… Continue reading Fokkelman on Hebrew Poetry