Morality, Media, and Philosophical Pluralism

One dominate trait of our American culture is what Don Carson calls “philosophical pluralism.”  This is the belief or philosophy that no person, claim, or ideology is superior to another one.  “The only absolute creed is the creed of pluralism.  No religion has the right to pronounce itself right or true, and the others false,… Continue reading Morality, Media, and Philosophical Pluralism

Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

Here are some great concluding words from a great book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society. “I want to suggest the word ‘confidence’ as the one which designates the proper attitude.  In a pluralist society, any confident affirmation of the truth is met by the response, ‘Why should I believe this rather than that?’  Every… Continue reading Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

All Religions Don’t Lead to God

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say things like this: “All roads lead to God,” or, “People of all faiths pray to the same God,” or, “We’re all praying to the same God.”  These statements sound nice, tolerant, and politically correct.  However, they are both illogical and unbiblical.  Kenneth Samples, in Without… Continue reading All Religions Don’t Lead to God

Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil

 In many ways, Lesslie Newbigin has helped me think through the implications of the gospel in Western culture.  He well noted that Christianity in the West has, for the most part, been domesticated into one religion among many - a private religion a person can "use" if it helps him through life.  What's the outcome of this privatized… Continue reading Missions in North America: The Hard Post-Christian Soil