There Has Been Some Sort of Catastrophe

Soon after his conversion, C. S. Lewis wrote The Pilgrim’s Regress which was first copyright in 1933.  It is a deeply insightful allegory of Lewis’ own journey that led him to the Lord.  At one point, the main character, John, and his companion Vertue come up to a huge canyon.  Near the edge of the… Continue reading There Has Been Some Sort of Catastrophe

The Landlord’s Laws

 The Pilgrim's Regress is one of the first books that C.S. Lewis wrote after his conversion.  In a way, it is a record of Lewis' own journey to the cross.  You've got to be a little knowledgeable about philosophy and history to catch some of the deeper images, but even if you're not, the book is a most fascinating read.  I… Continue reading The Landlord’s Laws