Cultural Engagement (God’s Two Kingdoms)

 More good stuff from this new book. "God still calls us to engage in cultural labors.  He has not taken us out of this world but entrusts us with a range of responsibilities within it.  Yet we are not called to engage in cultural labors in order to attain or to build the world-to-come, the… Continue reading Cultural Engagement (God’s Two Kingdoms)

Christians in Community

 What a book!  I've not read anything by Eugene Peterson before, and now I wish I would have!  I realize I'm an "optimistic" reviewer of books (i.e. I'd rather focus on the strengths of a book than the weaknesses), but seriously, I don't think I'm being overly optimistic here.  Even though I'm not a huge… Continue reading Christians in Community

Luther: Finis Politiae et Finis Ecclesiae

 In an Advent sermon from 1532 preached at the stadtkirche,  Luther noted the difference between the Lord Christ's kingdom and that of the lord Caesar.  Luther said it in Latin: finis politiae est pax mundi; finis ecclesiae est pax aeterna.  Here's his explanation: "The end purpose of the government is temporal peace, while the ultimate end of the church is not… Continue reading Luther: Finis Politiae et Finis Ecclesiae

Materialism, Wealth, and Idolatry

 This is quite the book - a truly deep and thought-provoking read.  Although it was written around 30 years ago, the message is still relevant.  Schlossberg takes the reader through the main things in American culture that serve as people's idols.  At first I thought it was going to talk about how Christians end up… Continue reading Materialism, Wealth, and Idolatry