Cast Your Deadly Doing Down

  Here's a snippet of  B.B. Warfield's outstanding Philippians 3.9 exposition found in Faith and Life.  "All that he [Paul] is, all that he has sought after, all that he has done - though from a fleshly point of view far superior to what most men can appeal to - all, all, he counts (not merely useless but)… Continue reading Cast Your Deadly Doing Down

…Whose God Is Their Belly…

 I've been using volume VIII of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (ed. by Mark Edwards) as I teach/preach through Philippians.  There are a bunch more in this IVP set (Thomas Oden is the general editor), and I do recommend them for OT/NT studies.  So far, I'm quite impressed with this commentary.  It contains excerpts of… Continue reading …Whose God Is Their Belly…

Barth on Horrified Repentance

Commenting on Philippians 3.7 (Yet whatever gains I had, these I have come to regard as loss because of Christ [NRSV]), Karl Barth writes well. "To repent - one surely turns here involuntarily to this concept - does not mean to be liberalized, to become indifferent to what we formerly were, to the former objects of… Continue reading Barth on Horrified Repentance

Stephen Fowl on Philippians

While preaching through Philippians, I've found Stephen Fowl's Philippians commentary (from the Two Horizons New Testament Commentary [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2005]) to be a great asset.  It is one of those commentaries that you'd love to just sit down and read.  In fact, I've had to stop myself from reading way ahead!  The commentary is… Continue reading Stephen Fowl on Philippians