A Ransom For All (Ryken)

 In 1 Timothy 2:6a Paul says that Christ Jesus "gave himself as a ransom for all" (NET).  What does this mean? Did Jesus redeem every person from sin and death?  I appreciate Philip Ryken's comments on  this verse: Calling Jesus a ransom for all men is something like calling your local physician the town doctor.… Continue reading A Ransom For All (Ryken)

He Will Not Send You To Purgatory (Ryken)

Philip Ryken's When You Pray is a very helpful resource for studying the Lord's Prayer and for learning more about prayer and praying.  When I recently studied the fifth petition of the Lord's Prayer ("forgive us our debts..."), I found the following paragraphs helpful: "As soon as we start trying to figure out how to… Continue reading He Will Not Send You To Purgatory (Ryken)

“Abba” is not “Daddy”

It isn’t quite right to say that the Aramaic “abba” means “daddy.”  In other words, to call the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob “daddy” at the outset of our prayers is a bit too casual and irreverent.  Philip Ryken explains. “To call God ‘Abba, Father’ is to speak to him with reverence as well… Continue reading “Abba” is not “Daddy”

Short Prayers, Good Prayers

 Ever since I was a younger Christian I’ve heard many godly men exhort me to spend long periods in prayer.  Some recommended waking up early to pray (from 5-6 AM), others recommended taking a day off each month to pray.  I’ve also read many accounts of great Christians who have spent hours upon hours in… Continue reading Short Prayers, Good Prayers

Raising Paine in the Church

 In this great book on the fellowship or communion of the saints, Philip Ryken explains one major hindrance to solid fellowship. "Another obstacle to the communion of the saints is the pride of individualism.  This is especially a problem in the American church.  When the French statesman Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-59) visited the United States in… Continue reading Raising Paine in the Church