A Multiethnic Church in Principle (Ryken)

While studying the biblical concept of the church family I found chapter 11 of The Communion of Saints to be quite helpful. The chapter is called "All in the Family". Here's one section of it that I highlighted. (Note: I added the Scripture references because Ryken had mentioned them before these paragraphs.) If Jews and… Continue reading A Multiethnic Church in Principle (Ryken)

King Solomon: A Study

 Philip Ryken's King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power is a recent publication that basically contains Ryken's sermons on the life of king Solomon.  In this book, Ryken retells, explains, and applies the biblical story of Solomon's rise to the throne, his rule, and his failures (which is found mostly in 1 Kings). I appreciated Ryken's general christological approach… Continue reading King Solomon: A Study