The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

The story of Jesus walking on the water is one of those stories about Jesus that stick with us (see Mt. 14:22-33). It sticks with us for various reasons - one being that Peter got out there and walked on the water as well until fear got the best of him. Speaking of Peter, don’t… Continue reading The Weak and the Strong in the Church (Augustine)

Polycarp, Peter, and Pauline Presuppositions

I was recently studying 1 Pet 1.9, where the apostle says that the outcome of the Christian's faith is the salvation of her/his soul.  While pondering how Peter would define faith there (and in the broader context of the epistle), one of my Pauline presuppositions kicked in: when thinking of faith and salvation I remembered… Continue reading Polycarp, Peter, and Pauline Presuppositions