The Clarity of Scripture (Turretin)

(This is a re-blog from April, 2016) The perspicuity (clarity) of Scripture has been denied by the Roman Catholic Church, the Socinians in the 17th century, and other such groups.  During and after the Reformation, the Reformers had to explain, teach, and defend this doctrine (e.g. WCF 1.6-8).  What does the clarity of Scripture mean? … Continue reading The Clarity of Scripture (Turretin)

Scripture’s Clarity

The perspicuity (clarity) of Scripture is a very important teaching of Scripture itself.  One helpful resource on this topic is Mark Thompson's A Clear and Present Word.  I appreciated this paragraph: "The clarity of Scripture can be affirmed on the basis of Scripture's own teaching.  The biblical text can be approached with confidence by the believer… Continue reading Scripture’s Clarity