Prenatal Genetic Testing and Abortion (Moreland/Rae)

 Our culture today has very subjective and illogical views on what it means to be a person.  For one of several examples, some say that an unborn baby with Down syndrome is not a person.  In fact, as many of our readers know, pregnant women can have tests to see if their unborn baby has… Continue reading Prenatal Genetic Testing and Abortion (Moreland/Rae)

“Except” by Eugene Peterson

Here’s a great mini-essay from Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. “In our present culture all of us find that we are studied, named, and treated as functions and things.  ‘Consumer’ is the catch-all term for the way we are viewed.  From an early age we are looked upon as individuals who can… Continue reading “Except” by Eugene Peterson