Three Pillars of Perseverance (Watson)

Here's a magnificent section of Thomas Watson's exposition of the second petition of the Lord's Prayer (Your kingdom come). Watson was discussing what it means to enter the Kingdom of God and he explained what it means to seek the Kingdom of God. He then asked if it was possible for a Christian to persevere… Continue reading Three Pillars of Perseverance (Watson)

Music Monday: All Thou Art Is Mine (Toplady)

On this edition of Music Monday, I want to share Augustus Toplady's hymn called "Divine Aid." I didn't have time this morning to find a tune that fits - although I'm sure they're out there. Anyway, here's the wonderful hymn. May it give you Christian comfort and hope today! 1 The power of hell, the… Continue reading Music Monday: All Thou Art Is Mine (Toplady)

Psalm 121 and the Perseverance of the Saints (Calvin)

 Quite a few places in Scripture teach that God preserves his people.  The perseverance of the saints isn't an obscure teaching found in one or two obscure verses.  Instead, it's emphasized both in the Old and New Testaments.  Psalm 121 is one of the clear texts in God's Word that teach how he preserves his… Continue reading Psalm 121 and the Perseverance of the Saints (Calvin)

The Faltering Christian Making it Home (Goodwin)

 God's promise to perfect his children even extends to Christians who are backsliding or languishing in the faith.  Even in them God will restore and revive the principles of spiritual life.  This is proved by comparing Hebrews 13:20-21 with 1 Peter 5:10.  Thomas Goodwin (d. 1680) argued this truth of perseverance/preservation well in chapter 13… Continue reading The Faltering Christian Making it Home (Goodwin)

Justified Today, Damned Tomorrow? Never! (Sibbes)

 We are weak.  Our faith is often feeble and barely flickering.  We have doubts; despair sometimes is a dark cloud in the Christian life.  "Prone to wander" is an understatement at times!  I appreciate how Richard Sibbes discussed this hard reality in the Christian life.  He met it with the gospel, with the comforting truths… Continue reading Justified Today, Damned Tomorrow? Never! (Sibbes)