Can the Elect Fall Away? (Ursinus)

There are some who believe that it is possible for Christians to have true faith one day and lose it the next. Not all Christians affirm the perseverance of the saints and the unchangeableness of election. In Reformed theology, however, perseverance of the saints is affirmed. Reformed theology teaches that those who are God’s elect… Continue reading Can the Elect Fall Away? (Ursinus)

God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

In his treatise On Temptation, John Owen spent much time expositing the Bible's teaching on temptation. Specifically, Owen referred to Mt. 26:41 & Rev. 3:10. At one point, Owen discussed God's promise to preserve his people - the promise John mentions in Rev. 3:10. Here are Owen's remarks: Now, in every promise there are three… Continue reading God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

Love So Infinite: Perseverance of the Saints (Hodge)

One of the many biblical proofs for the perseverance of the saints is the nature of God's sovereign love (see Romans 8:35ff).  Here's how Charles Hodge put it in a sermon on Romans 8:1: Moreover the greatness of the love of God is such as effectually to preserve the believer. As this love is sovereign… Continue reading Love So Infinite: Perseverance of the Saints (Hodge)

We Stand by the Power of God

The truth that God never forsakes his people but always preserves and protects them is one of those biblical teachings that is the source of deep comfort.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ (Rom. 8:39). No one can rip us out of the strong and loving arms of the Lord… Continue reading We Stand by the Power of God

Don’t Forget about Satan! (Kuyper)

Abraham Kuyper, "To Be Near Unto God" For various reasons, sometimes Christians forget that Satan and his demonic horde really exist.  We know the stories in the Gospels where Jesus sent the demons running, but we sometimes forget the fact that Satan really prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour us (1 Pet 5:8).  We… Continue reading Don’t Forget about Satan! (Kuyper)