The Lovely Fruit of Good Teaching (Baugh)

In the opening words of Paul's first letter to Timothy, he reminds his young colleague of the aim or telos of the apostles' teaching: love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith (1 Tim. 1:5 NET). The false teachers in Ephesus neither taught nor practiced these things. But Paul… Continue reading The Lovely Fruit of Good Teaching (Baugh)

How Paul Read and Interpreted Isaiah (Hays)

Richard Hays’ book, The Conversation of the Imagination, is a helpful resource for insight into how the apostle Paul viewed the Old Testament Scriptures. This book is a collection of essays that Hays wrote and published elsewhere; it’s nice to have it in one volume. There are ten chapters that cover topics like the role… Continue reading How Paul Read and Interpreted Isaiah (Hays)

I Paul Write This With My Hand…

  In Philemon 19 it says: "I, Paul, write with my hand: I will repay..."  Paul is telling Philemon that if his runaway slave Onesimus owes him (Philemon) anything, he (Paul) will for sure repay whatever it is to help restore the relationship between the two.  It's interesting that Paul notes he's writing at this… Continue reading I Paul Write This With My Hand…

The Leading Principle of a Faithful Minister (Newton)

One of John Newton's lesser known works is called "A Review of Ecclesiastical History." It's a book that basicaly summarizes church history from Christ's birth until the end of the apostolic era. I've really enjoyed it so far, and I do recommend it. In one section, Newton discusses the character of the apostle Paul (book… Continue reading The Leading Principle of a Faithful Minister (Newton)

Apostles: Then and Now?

 Are there apostles today?  Can someone make a valid case that he is an apostle of Christ?  Speaking of the apostles, what is an apostolic church?  I appreciate Gerald Bray's explanation of these questions in chapter two of his book The Church: A Theological and Historical Account. Bray first notes that to be an apostle according to the NT, one… Continue reading Apostles: Then and Now?